Responding to Life’s Changes

Like a flower, I am going through a change in my life. Flowers start out as a seed. Soon a little spec of life emerges from the soil as a shoot. Then a leaf begins to unfold. Daily, it grows and twist its way skyward. Then over night a bud appears. The flower then feeds the bees and birds. There are as many different kinds of flowers of all colors, shapes and sizes. As the summer of life begins to fade, so does the flower. Its colors become dull. The flower starts to limp over the side of the pot. It fall onto the cold ground. Winter takes its toll on the flower plant. Our hope is the joy we have is that with a little care it will come back next year to grace our lives again.

I believe we are all like flowers. With a little care and kindness, we can change from the seed, to the shoot, to the full blooming person we are meant to be. Like the soil we plant our flowers in, our hearts have been made hard. A little prayer, a little reading of the Word, a little renewing of our minds goes a long way in breaking up the hardness so the flower in us can grow.

Hope the stories I write on my blog can help you in your “gardening”. Enjoy and respond if you would like.

Thanks, Jeff

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